Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Favorite Bar...

... has no alcohol, no drugs, no hookers, no bouncers, no dancers, no loud music, no syrup or artificial sweeteners added. It's a place few people know of, but it's so great that I had to blog about it. Welcome to Mondo Juice at SM Megamall, where the fruits are fresher than fresh, the food makes you forget your worries, the people are friendlier than your favorite dog, and the drinks cure every disease in existence.

Zoom in close enough, and you might be able to see the names of the items on their menu. Don't worry if you don't find anything that interests you at first; they take requests of mixing the fruits and/or vegetable juices of your preference. Those are Francis (left) and Dan (right) on the side there. They really know how to treat their customers right. Thanks for the great service, guys! ;)

Food, glorious food! Ahem... Yes, they've got a small, but very nice selection of food available. However, not everything is on their menu, or on display, so be sure to ask about what else they've got. My personal off-menu favorite is the Med. Veg. sandwich. It's just one of the few things I have the pleasure of eating at Mondo Juice because of my vegetarianism. It's so damn good, I end up ordering one whenever I have the chance to. I had one earlier today, and I wish I had another one right now. It's pretty addictive, for something made of vegetables.

This beautiful object, dear reader, is what I had today. It's coffee, it's juice, it's cold, and it's wonderful. It's called Banana Buzz, an iced coffee laced with, yep, you've guessed it: bananas. It's already one of my favorite drinks, next to the Banana Mama smoothie and the Banana Bar pastry. They've all got one thing in common. Do you realize what it is yet?

That's right! They're all from Mondo Juice, and they're all fantastic. So when you've got the time, why not stop by for a refreshing drink that's sure to brighten up your life? You'll be glad you did.

Oh, and I emailed my resumé to them, too. I hope I get hired. Just another reason to be at my favorite bar. :D

Happy drinking, everyone! Cheers!